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15-25/per person in small/rural areas and 30-100/person in larger metro areas.
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Here are a few of our most popular Kosher Caterers

California Kosher Caterers : michael

Kosher Caterers #50094 - We are a diversified company that can satisfy your Kosher catering needs. We encourage you to contact us and let us know how we may be of service to your organization. Israel's Strictly Kosher Caterers is supervised by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco. This certification is widely recognized amongst the observant Jewish community as a leader in the industry upholding the highest Kosher standards.
Israel's Strictly Kosher Catering creates delicious, beautiful gourmet meals for all special occasions. Menus are available in multiple price tiers to accommodate everything from simple luncheons to lavish dinner parties. Please call us at 415-752-3064 to speak to an event coordinator. We look forward to making your party special. Weddings Bar & Bat Mitzvahs Bridal & Baby Showers Bereavements Cocktail Parties Dinner Parties Brunches Graduations

Just a bit more...

California Kosher Caterers : Scott

Kosher Caterers #5723 - Avalon Event Production is a full-service event planning and production company. Our event producing professional, experienced and diverse event team will work closely with you to stage an event that maximizes the achievement of your goals. All events are custom designed to meet the needs and budgets of our clients. In designing your event we have a wide range of resources for all elements in fulfilling your every need.
I have been in the film & specail event industry for over 20 years and I know what it takes to put on event from start to finiosh. I can do everything that I offer to a client. So when I hire a vendor I know exactly what I wnat from them.

Indiana Kosher Caterers : David

Kosher Caterers #13065 - We provide clean, safe Equimpent that is inspected by goverment agencies. With a clean professional staff that has been train on safety and proper use of the Attraction and we are dependable and professional.
We have been in business for six years and have had 50% growth each year

North Carolina Kosher Caterers : vernon

Kosher Caterers #5820 - We work within almost all budgets. Full service catering for churches and special events.
We have been in caterering since 1995and have more than 30 years of experience in hospitality

Michigan Kosher Caterers : Lawrence

Kosher Caterers #12448 - Hello and thank you for choosing Gigante Catering ...We service small to large events ...Full service to back yard BBq's .. We can build a menu to fit your even as well as your budget please give us a call ASAP. We are looking forward to working with you GIGANTE CATERING STAFF
Hello my name is Larry Holman i worked under two master chef's and have been in the field for over 15 years

Pennsylania Kosher Caterers : souzi

Kosher Caterers #4858 - Taste of the World will provide excellent American and Ethnic cuisine for all occasions including Corporate and Private Events. Full Corporate Menu featuring breakfast, lunch or dinner at the office to save you time plus FREE DELIVERY!
Taste of the World has been serving Wilmington De, North Wilnmingtn, Delaware Valley Pa ,Mainline,and Philadelphia for over 3 years w/ a huge corporate following.. Please call Souzi our catering Specialist for further information at 610 558 5858

Texas Kosher Caterers : Pam

Kosher Caterers #5102 - -
We have been serving the Dallas FT, Worth Metroplex for over 5 years and have over 60 years combined experience in our industry. Each event is unique and handled as such so any and all services have been provided. What we provide really depends on what our clients look for and need.

California Kosher Caterers : Alta

Kosher Caterers #9170 - Our customers call us time and time again because of our diversity with International Cuisine as well as our expertise with standard fare of the highest quality. We are easy to work with since our goal is to provide exactly what our clients want, within
We create and produce events that provide unique catered food with an International touch individualized to meet your personal style. Alta Cuisine has been successfully operating in Marin County for the last fourteen years. Our scope of business takes us throughout the Bay Area, Marin and Sonoma Counties.

New York Kosher Caterers : JACQUELINE

We have been in business since 1995

Washington Kosher Caterers : Erica

Kosher Caterers #50009 - I am an onsite BBQ caterer in Spokane, Washington. I love to give great deals for special events.
We are a new family owned business that just starting operating April 2013.

Maryland Kosher Caterers : Steven

Kosher Caterers #10254 - The Smokehouse Grill is Eastern Shore's finest BBQ catering firm. Specializing in Pit Beef, Pig Roasting, Chicken and seafood.
Since 1999 The Smokehouse Grill has been a leader in the Special Events industry. We use only the best quality foods and take great pride in our cooking techniques.

Minnesota Kosher Caterers : Max

Kosher Caterers #32303 - Sarpino's Pizzeria- Gourmet Experience Guaranteed! Excellent Products Exceptional Experiences Every Time Will Fit in YOUR Budget! Large Group Discounts available!
Eagan location is new to the area, but Sarpino's Pizzeria has been providing services in MN for more than 5 years.

New Jersey Kosher Caterers : Jim

Kosher Caterers #3113 - Give us a call to find out more!
Moonwalk Entertainment Inc. have been in business since 1990 and have done hundreds of corporate and private events. Please visit our web site at moonwalkentertainment.com

California Kosher Caterers : Eddie

Kosher Caterers #8071 - Event Magic is the one stop shop for all of your event rentals and services. We have top of the line equipment with excellent service. Please call Eddie for a free quote.
Event Magic has been providing service for corporate events and private parties for over 10 years. We specialize in party rentals and event services.

Illinois Kosher Caterers : Jeff

Kosher Caterers #2971 - We are a full service, full time entertainment company with a competent staff. We are organized under multiple divisions including Magic Music Media Entertainment, Game Show Gurus, and Brothers of Blue Entertainment. Please call us for more information.
we have been in business for over 12 yeras

California Kosher Caterers : Gayland

Kosher Caterers #4902 - Caterer to President Bush, Ford and other VIPs. Distinctive catering for small, medium and groups above 9,000 per event. We are the caterer that can provide a spectacular food experience with experience, creativity and style.

California Kosher Caterers :

Kosher Caterers #5388 - we are the most flexible, prompt, professional company around and represent only professional experienced entertainers and musicians. We can save our clients time and money by booking multi vendors for their event.
We have been in the business of 12 years full time.

California Kosher Caterers : Jena

Kosher Caterers #2599 - Take a look below at just some of our services. Call and allow us to handle the rest
We have been providing some of our services for 2 years and some areas 5 years.

New York Kosher Caterers : Philip

Kosher Caterers #4884 - Expertise in fine party giving, innovative menus, stylish presentation, highest quality food, gracious service. Journey with us. Celebrating style, grace and great food.
Bridge Creek Catering was created in 1994. Our mission is the same for every catered affair: To fulfill our client's vision and exceed our client's expectations with attention to detail and uncompromising quality. We have experience planning and executing events from 15 to 1500 people. Our experience includes not only weddings, family picnics, holiday parties and other social occasions, but also business meetings, filming and photo shoots, product roll-outs and other corporate events.

Minnesota Kosher Caterers :

Kosher Caterers #1 - Minnesota s largest entertainment resource with 84 DJs - 285 Live Bands - Comedians - Stage Shows - Entertainers for all ages and any type of event. Excellent pricing to fit almost any budget.
Since 1982 We have helped over 300,000 clients connect up to anything they need for events, nationwide.

Arkansas Kosher Caterers : Greg

Kosher Caterers #10643 - 15 years experience over 1300 songs in our library and constantly adding new music specialize in wedding, and proms
15 years in the entertainment business no event is too large or too small and able to work within your budget

california Kosher Caterers : Manuel

Kosher Caterers #13029 - Over the years we’ve helped turn gatherings, corporate events, weddings and holiday parties into priceless memories. Today, we’re proud to cater a variety of wonderful events in San Diego from small private parties to major sponsored events of thousands. We understand how personal these events are and take pride in customizing each event to reflect your personal style, creativity, as well as your budgetary requirements. Among other cities, Spicy Creations may serve the following areas:
ver the years we’ve helped turn gatherings, corporate events, weddings and holiday parties into priceless memories. Today, we’re proud to cater a variety of wonderful events in San Diego from small private parties. We understand how personal these events are and take pride in customizing each event to reflect your personal style.[VIEW WEBSITE

California Kosher Caterers : Doug

Kosher Caterers #33962 - From its beginning in 1991 DJs California Catering has built a reputation from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles for providing prompt, dependable service and food of the highest quality. Every meal is prepared and served by an expert staff headed by Doug and Jennifer Biggs.
DJ's California Catering has been serving clients with distinction for over 20 years and has been voted 'Best Caterer' for the past 10 years consecutively.

Texas Kosher Caterers : Paula

Kosher Caterers #4976 - -
Cooking Instruction/Classes/Dinner Parties 12+ years Chef/Owner Restaurant 6 years Personal Cheffing 4 years Catering 12+ years

Pennsylania Kosher Caterers : Gina

Kosher Caterers #4526 - -
We have been in business for 26 years. We cater off-premises events from small parties of 10 to large parties of 1000 or more. Theme menus as well as ethnic menus are available. We provide servers and bartenders as needed. We are also event planners who can arrange for entertainment, flowers, photography, invitations and anything needed to meet a clients needs.

Georgia Kosher Caterers : Scott

Kosher Caterers #33950 - . We are an event service staffing company in the Atlanta area and we serve clients all over Georgia. While we offer a number of services, our main focus is our unique approach to bartending. Alcohol Heroes takes bartending to a whole new level. From our one of a kind drink creations, to our infusion sweet treats bar, we put a lot of consideration into our hospitality services and have the can beat any price in town.
Our goal is to be a one stop shop for event planners and party throwers on a budget. There is not much we cant do when it comes to finding extraordinary staff for events, but if we cant we know someone that can. We know that planning a special event is hard work, so anything that we can do to help you just let us know. With over 15 years of hospitality experience, we take a lot of pride in what we do.

Texas Kosher Caterers : Don

Kosher Caterers #14293 - Texas BBQ Services was born from the desire to bring real Texas competition quality BBQ to the public. Produced on our one of a kind competition Texas cooker and then slowly smoked to perfection. We use the same careful process for our catered BBQ that we use on the competition trail to produce our championship BBQ. We provide platters, sides, sandwiches, desserts and more! Call today for real Texas Championship BBQ that is next to none.
in business 10 years

New Jersey Kosher Caterers : Mike

Kosher Caterers #27984 - Bourbon BBQ Catering is a Family owned & operated BBQ Caterer. We service Bergen, Essex, Passaic, Union, Morris, Warren and Sussex Counties in New Jersey as well as Rockland County in New York State. From a simple backyard function to a white glove full service catering. BBQ Catering at its Best. Whether it's a Company Functions, Weddings, Parties of all kinds, Pig Roasts or a tailgate parties, we can cater to any of your needs! Named -Best BBQ in NJ- -Best Ribs- -Best BBQ in Bergen County-
BBQ Catering Specialist since 2005. Corporate BBQ events, Backyard BBQs, Pig Roasts, Parties

New Jersey Kosher Caterers : Kevin

Kosher Caterers #33710 - With over 14 years experience The American BBQ Co. is New Jersey's leader in BBQ catering. We use only grade -A- products, cooked fresh on site. Our events are staffed by a mature, knowledgeable crew who will go to any length to make the customer happy.
We have been in business for just over 14 years.

Missouri Kosher Caterers : Dan

Kosher Caterers #6091 - -
Over 30 years in banquet & catering business.

California Kosher Caterers : Mary

Kosher Caterers #2072 - Desert Adventures is the oldest, largest and most respected tour and special event company in the Palm Springs, CA area. We provide jeep tours of the San Andreas Fault and Joshua Tree National Park. Groups enjoy our fun, interactive and unique to our destination teambuilding and desert parties. Coming to the desert and not experiencing the real desert is like going to Hawaii and not experiencing a Luau. It is a MUST DO.
Desert Adventures is the largest and oldest jeep adventure company in California. We have been operating since 1988, serving the Palm Springs area. Please check out our kudos page at www.red-jeep.com to see what our clients say about our services.

connecticut Kosher Caterers : Claire

Kosher Caterers #35345 - A Unique Full Service Catering Company. Walsh Catering is a family owned and operated catering company servicing the community for the past 20 years. Choose from a variety of our freshly prepared appetizers, salads, homemade entrees and creative sandwiches. We will work with you to create a customized menu designed to suit all your needs and budget.
Walsh Catering is a family owned and operated catering company servicing the community for the past 20 years. Owner Patrick Walsh, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, brings a great deal of knowledge, creativity and hands on experience.

Georgia Kosher Caterers : John

Kosher Caterers #4850 - We guarantee a plentiful supply of delicious and tastefully presented foods for everyone.
I have been in the food and beverage industry since college which is over 30 years and have offered a wide variety of food and beverage products in this time

Florida Kosher Caterers : Youry

Kosher Caterers #33395 - Our staff enjoys what they do and that is to make your event even more special. We understand this will be an important day in your life and we won't forget a single detail to make it memorable. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in South FL and plenty of online reviews to prove it. The quality of our food is excellent and our prices very reasonable. We are licensed and insured.
We've been catering in South FL since 2003. We specialize in Cuban and Spanish food. We are more famous for our Paellas and Pig Roast. We also offer BBQ.

North Carolina Kosher Caterers : Don

Kosher Caterers #13258 - Mrs. Pumpkin's Bakery-Deli is a full-service catering business and retail shop dedicated to providing fresh-baked gourmet meals and pastries in the Triad. Have an event that needs catering or just want to buy lunch for your business associates? Mr. Pumpkin's can do that! We also have a huge selection of cakes perfect for all occasions and gift baskets that will be sure to please someone in your life. To learn more, browse our site or contact us. You could even come by our retail store and have s
Mrs. Pumpkins has been in business for over 20 years serving the Winston-Salem, Piedmont Triad and surround area. We specialize in wedding catering, corporate events, boxed lunches and more.

British Columbia Kosher Caterers : Jordan

Kosher Caterers #33302 - The historic 1912 Lakeside Venue in Kaleden (just 10 mins south of Penticton) is the only lakefront wedding venue on Skaha lake! This beautiful character building is the perfect location for your special day. The romantic garden, breathtaking views and mouthwatering food are guaranteed crowd pleasers.
I have been a chef in the industry for the last 10 + years and have been red seal certified for the last 5. Flambe Catering (the exclusive caterer for the 1912 venue) and the 1912 paired up about a year ago to offer a unique character location with breathtaking views, exceptional cuisine and impeccable service.

Texas Kosher Caterers : scarlet

Kosher Caterers #3820 - -
Fresh Horizons has been in business since 1981

Nevada Kosher Caterers : Renee

Kosher Caterers #1678 - Quality, performance , service and competetive pricing.
Always Creative is two years old. Prior to this company was founder and president of Creative Concepts for 10 years. Prior to Creative Concepts, was the co-founder and owner of Vegas Entertainment for six years. Headed the Entertainment and Model Division of GES - Las Vegas during the mid-eighties. Prior to that, traveled with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority as a performer selling Las Vegas in my show.

North Carolina Kosher Caterers : Judtih

Kosher Caterers #13790 - I offer Personal Chef Services, as well as Catering. Very reasonable price, with great service.
I have been in the food service business for 11 years. I was the Catering Chef at Fayetteville State for 3 years. As well as the Production Manager. I was a Food Service Specialist in the Military for 8 years. I have fine dining experience. I was a Banquet chef for Marriott for two years.

Texas Kosher Caterers : Graham

Kosher Caterers #9615 - Mister Cool Ice Cream based in North Texas caters picnics, parties & corporate events [large & small
2005 will be Mister Cool's 5th year and we love it!

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